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A whole new look will be here soon. 

The links below will stay posted for the next little while until we begin our new show.

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The rules so far:
1) Do Not post advertisements on our Facebook page, they will be deleted and you will be banned. If you want an ad placed here, you MUST contact us first.
2) The Facebook page is not the place for open debate. Go to your rant and rave and do that there.
3) We reserve the right to delete any posts and/or podcasts that we want to. It's our page(s) and that's final.
4) Have fun, ask questions and become a part of our podcast if you are able to.
5) An interview may, and probably will, run a little more that a half hour, so we reserve the right to edit the podcast to fit our agenda. No exceptions.
6) By coming onto our show, you acknowledge and agree to these rules and terms.