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Canvas Quality

Our canvas is available in Exhibition Satin Canvas and Matte Canvas ordered from Epson and is of high professional quality. All our inks, paper, canvas and printer are from Epson because we expect the best and so should you. Every time we change our paper, we put it back into the original boxes. Others leave their papers and canvas sitting out in the open for extended periods of time and that causes them to dry out and turn yellow after time. Other "online" sites provide your so-called canvas print on a plastic-looking nylon feeling material that is anything but canvas, allowing them to sell at a "cheaper" price. We print on actual canvas material.

Exhibition Canvas Natural Satin enables users to achieve industry-leading DMax and colour gamut for prints that require stunning, museum-grade image quality and durability, without the use of Optical Brighteners (OBA). Built on a polyester and cotton blend that is specially coated to produce vibrant colours as well as rich, deep blacks and tonal gradations that distinguish them from competitive products.

After the canvas prints are finished printing, we leave them to dry for 24 hours although that really isn't necessary, but we like to be thorough and ensure the ink is dry. The next step, should you choose as an option, is to add an extra layer of protection by applying a finish in either matte or gloss.

Each and every time, our canvas is then expertly stretched by hand to ensure thorough stretching so there will be no wrinkles or imperfections.

The stretcher bars are of high-quality wood and are extremely strong, ensuring they will always hold up to the pressures of stretching the canvas onto them (glued and stapled). Cross bracing can also be applied but only when required. If you choose to supply your own stretcher bar, we can not guarantee the durability of the wood and there is a $15.00 per frame cost to stretch the canvas onto your frame.

We are proud to say that we doing everything in-house. That includes making custom-size stretcher bars. This cuts out the wait time and our turnaround should be between 1-2 days instead of the usual 5-7 business days for your canvas to be ready to be picked up!

Canvas Prints

Any photograph can be put onto a canvas and is one of the most popular ways of displaying your photographs. Please ensure you supply your image in either TIFF, JPEG, PNG or PDF. It should be a minimum of 240 dpi to ensure quality printing. What is DPI? Click here.

We print wide format as well and can create a reveal size for you up to 41" on canvas. Our printer is 44" but you will need a minimum of 1.5" on each side to wrap your canvas. If you want a 2" or larger edge reveal, then your front display will need to be smaller.

Customs sizes are the most popular because most customers bring in their photographs and don't want them cropped. By doing this, it seems almost every canvas is different, but that is not a problem for us. However, as the customer, you have choices to make on how your reveal is done. Either a gallery wrap, mirrored, or coloured reveal. What does that mean?

Gallery wrap has part of your photograph wrapped around the edge (reveal) of the stretcher bar that the canvas is mounted onto. This gives the wall art a much nicer reveal even as you walk up from an angle.

Mirrored edge is pretty much the same thing except that the edge shows the mirrored portion of your photograph on the edge. This can be anywhere from 1/2" up to 2" or more.

A coloured edge is exactly as it sounds. We can put any colour you want on the edges instead of using a portion of the photograph. Coloured tape (black or white only) can also be used. Typically, if you are putting your canvas into a frame you don't want to bother with the gallery or mirrored wraps unless you plan to possibly remove it from the frame at some point in the future.

To further enhance your canvas, you can select from over 400 frames we have available, but typically, most customers choose what is called a float frame. (See photo below)

There is about a 1/4" gap between the canvas and the float frame and this gives it a nice reveal all around. Currently, we have 3 colour selections available, white, black and a dark wood grain.