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Cari McDonnell

We are happy that Cari chose Dalcon Visual Arts as her very first gallery to show and sell her photography. Upon meeting Cari, you will find that she is quite shy but after getting to know her for a few minutes it goes away a little bit.

Cari's work speaks for itself and as you will see below, she has had a chance to travel to some pretty exotic locations and has a very keen eye on what to capture. She has lots more than we have available here, but if you want to contact her, please use our contact page and we will pass your message to her.

Click on any image to enlarge. All Cari's photographs are available with or without a frame and pricing is reflected as such.

All Photo prints are $50 (unframed).

(We purposely watermark all artists work and make them very low resolution to protect their work. Watermarks will be removed upon purchase.)

Print $50.00 (12x18") Framed $120.00 (12x18")

Canvas $80.00 (12"x18")

Canvas $80.00 (12x18")

Print $50.00 (12x18") Canvas $250.00 (24x36")

Print (B&W or Colour) $50.00 (12x18") Framed $120.00 (16x20")

Print $50.00 (12x18") Framed $120 (12x18)

Print $50.00 (12x12") Framed $75.00