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Pricing for frames and matting is different for every piece you select. Because of the diversity of the wood and other materials and the fact that each frame is custom-made, the prices will vary. 

It is imperative that you be here to make your selections on both the frame and the matte, as well as have your photograph or piece of art with you. This will enable you to match your colours and styles to suit your tastes. This will be on your wall for many years to come, so you want to make sure you get it right the first time.

Keep in mind that the colours of your walls or wallpaper, flooring and furniture can come into effect as well. Lots to think about.

Stretcher bars are also different each time, however with these, there are fewer details you need to worry about. First off, you won't actually see the stretcher bar itself as your art will be covering it, but, the thickness is important. Do you want a 1/2" reveal, a 1" reveal, etc? You get the idea. (Reveal is the size of the edge of your canvas).
For obvious reasons, the larger your canvas print, the thicker you will want the stretcher bar as well, for stability and strength. If it is large enough, you may even require cross-bracing. They need to be strong and not able to twist/warp. Ours will NOT do that. Other craft stores mass-produce theirs and are notably fragile. Ours are handmade each and every time. We are able to give you a quote on these provided you know the exact size you will need.

We gallery wrap our canvas prints which means that you also have the detail of your art showing on the sides of the stretcher bar as well. That makes for a nice appeal while walking up from the side or angle as well. 

We invite you to come to the gallery and have a look for yourself. We have many examples available and are more than willing to show you how it all works. New frame samples show up on a regular basis as well.

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