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There are a few different types of glass that can be mounted inside your frame. Everything from the plain washed glass to the exhibition glass. The difference? Let's take a look below and try to explain these to you.

Washed Glass - $0.09 per square inch. This is your everyday glass used in frames that most people purchase. However, with this glass you need to be aware that if you have sunlight shining on your art behind this glass for any lengthy period of time, your art can be damaged. Photographs will fade, start to roll, wave or curl and will just end up being damaged beyond repair.

TrueVue UltraVue Glass - $0.27 per square inch. This glass is 2.0 mm thick with amazing clarity and either side can go against your image. Clean with ammonia-free cleaners. This glass has 70% UV filtering.

TrueVue Reflection Control (RC) - $0.10 per square inch. This is ideal for reducing reflections when UV protection is not a concern. An etched, matte-like finish scatters light to prevent unwanted glare.

TrueVue Conservation Clear - $0.10 per square inch.  This is UV blocking glass that is neutral in colour and blocks 99% of harmful UV rays (300-380NM). The coated side has a protective plastic film that also resists scratches and is 2.5mm thick.

TrueVue Conservation Reflection Control - $0.19 per square inch. This CRC glass combines protection and performance by diffusing reflected light. The non-glare side has outstanding clarity. You will see your artwork without harsh glare or distortion and has 99% UV blocking that is 2.5mm thick.

TrueVue Museum Glass - $0.35 per square inch. This glass blocks 98% of damaging UV rays and has less than 1% light reflection. This glass is 2.5mm thick.

Art Glass - $0.19 per square inch - This is an option to the above Museum Glass for a reduced price. This glass only has 70% UV ray protection, but still gives you the clarity you want. You will be amazed at how clear is looks! When we brought our sample back to the gallery and put it out, at first glance, we thought they forgot to put the glass in the display. But after touching it and leaving a finger print.... well you get the idea.

Artglass AR99 - $0.30 per square inch. Blocks 98% of damaging UV rays and has less than 1% light reflection, 2mm thick. **NEW**

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