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Heather An

Heather is a local Wetaskiwin photographer and has been doing this for a few years now. She took a short break and is now back into full swing again. She too has a large repertoire and does photography of all types. Heather is also an official photographer for the Wetaskiwin Theatre Society. We are happy to have her on board in the gallery showing off these fine canvas prints!

All images in the photographers pages have been reduced to a lower quality on purpose. If you want to see more of her work, click the Facebook link below and contact Heather directly. She has, like us, many more photographs that haven't been touched yet. Isn't that the case with most photographers?...



Please be advised that the Purple Flower and the Silo/Tree have been sold, but copies are available to order. Contact us for more information.

Prices below show what we have in stock. If you would like a custom size, please contact us for details.

Canvas $149.00 (16x20") in stock

Canvas $149.00 (16x20") in stock

Canvas $250.00 (20x30") special order

Canvas $TBD Size TBD special order

Canvas $149.00 (16x20) special order