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August 16, 2023

Dale has been working hard at creating a website that will be all about local events. Since there really isn't any place that is consistent for people to search local events, this will be it. It will be a free service to use. Advertising will be available at a minimal cost and monthly rates are available. Sponsors of the website are encouraged to help support this website. What is it all about? Simply put, ONLY LOCAL. We've all heard the "I didn't know about that" or the "I wish I had known earlier" from everyone (ourselves included). The goal is to keep this very basic, simple and easy to use for everyone. If we can all have one common area to post to and find events, wouldn't that be great? Check back here soon for a link to the new website.

July 15, 2023

As a sponsor of the Wetaskiwin Arts & Music Festival, we are proud to say that this year's event was probably the best one to date. It was attended by close to 3000 people throughout the day. This is a popular attraction in our city and will only get bigger and better. Located at Jubilee Park, this setting is perfect for the festival. There are walking trails, a sound stage, and a large open field where you can sit and watch the musical acts and still have room for the kids to run around and play. The Special Olympics even had a bocce ball area setup and was quite popular.
The event is an all-ages, no-alcohol location for everyone to come and enjoy. If you want to take part in this in the future, all you have to do is visit the website and get all the details. Check out the photos while you are there to see what you have been missing. The kids were also entertained by getting their faces painted and spending time in the arts & crafts tent making art for free! As an artist, you get a 10' x 10' spot to display your art. If you need more space, just let them know. Power can be supplied, but you have to provide your own CSA-approved outdoor extension cord.
This is just a little bit of what you need to know, so please go visit their website for all the details.

May 8, 2023

The annual Wetaskiwin Arts & Music Festival will be on July 15 and a NEW LOCATION. It will be held at Jubilee Park in Wetaskiwin and we feel that this will be a better atmosphere for the festival.

January 10, 2023

We just wanted to say a happy new year to you all and thanks for being here for us in the past. We hope to keep serving your photo and print needs in the future. 2022 ended a little rough in the health department for Dale as he ended up with the flu for most of October (it was not Covid), but has since recovered and is now fighting a stupid cold in January, lol. 2023 has to be better right?

September 23, 2022

We are proud to be one of the partners of the Taste of Wetaskiwin event again this year. This even includes taste samples from 15 different regional food and liquor vendors. There is also going to be entertainment consisting of Belly Dancers, native Dancers and a live band. The previous two years had to be postponed due to Covid, so you can guess we are all ready to get out there and do public events again!

August 22, 2022

Another loss to the family. One of our artists has lost a sister and we want to offer our deepest condolences to the family. We know she meant the world to them, RIP.

August 19, 2022

It has come to our attention that one of our artists recently passed in March of 2022. We offer our sincerest and deepest condolences to the family of Donna Brunner. RIP.

July 21, 2022

We are downsizing a little bit. For our daughter to expand her bakery we need to downsize our art displays a little bit (Yes we are in the same building). This will be happening hopefully by September of this year.
We still plan on displaying and selling art here, but instead of 40 artists, we will probably only be carrying 10-20 max.
We also will still continue to do framing, mattes, glass and prints as we know that we are still the highest quality canvas and photo paper printshop in Wetaskiwin. And we THANK YOU all for that!!!

June 13, 2022

** SALE ** For the week of July 1 - July 9. ALL Dalcon items and services will be 25% off regular prices. Get your WDHM passport stamped while you are here. Please email us for details if you don't know what the passport is about. 

January 13, 2022

I had the pleasure of interviewing and chatting with our friend and talented Edmonton, Alberta artist Stephanie Kapteyn. Have a watch, sit back and get to know her as well.

September 15, 2021

The 2021 Taste of Wetaskiwin event for this year has been postponed until 2022 due to Alberta Covid Restrictions. Maybe next year we can all be back to normal-ish? If you want your money back for the tickets you purchased from our location only, please stop in with your tickets and we will give you your $$$ back. Or Alternatively, they can be honoured at the event next year, or consider your purchase as a donation towards the Wetaskiwin Heritage Museum.

August 24, 2021

We have decided that we will not be carrying as many artist's works of art as we have in the past. There will be only a handful of artists here with a 3 month display time. Since we have renovated to allow more space for Carters Creations Bakery, we have a smaller space for our own side of things now. Please follow us on Facebook and we will post photographs and other information when it/they become available.

Aug 7, 2021

The Wetaskiwin Arts & Music Festival took place on July 31, 2021, at the Ag Grounds and although it was a long weekend here in Alberta, we feel that we are going to call this a success. The turnout was lower than the previous festival, but still not a bad turnout. We had close to 30 artists and 7 musical acts all of which did fairly well given the long weekend.
Next year, we are confident that you will see a new look and lots of changes and a different date. If you want to see a video of the festival, please click here and see what you missed if you weren't there.

July 17, 2021

Hell yeah, yet another reno is in the works. We have framed and are insulating and finishing our North wall. It gets really cold in the wintertime and should help to keep some of this hot summer weather in check as well. What this also means is that we will be drastically reducing the number of artists in our gallery. The plan is to showcase 2-3 artists at a time. Not sure on the duration yet, but we will work that out with the artists themselves. **UPDATE - The insulation helped!!!

July 1, 2021

A couple of things will be happening. First of all, we are AGAIN doing some renovations to expand our daughter's business within our building. Her business name is Carters Creations Bakery. The business has been expanding really fast for her, so we want to make sure she grows in space to keep up.
Second, we will once again be part of the  Wetaskiwin Arts & Music Festival as a partner and Vendor. Located at the Wetaskiwin Ag Grounds, there is a lot of room for everyone, so we hope to see you there on July 31, 2021

April 15, 2021

We have completed the renovations for our matte cutter. We have also brought our glass cutter up from the basement to the same room. Now most of our equipment is on the same floor and is easier to access. Which means a faster turnaround for you. We are still in the learning phase of using the software, but that too is coming along very fast. 

Also, we are having a 25% off sale from April 29 - May 7 to celebrate our 5-year anniversary. Hard to believe it has been that long already!

We have purchased a computerized matte cutter and are in the process of making a room for it and other machines/tools we have, so we will be closed Mon/Tue March 8,9 2021.

Since the second Covid-19 lockdown (as we call it), the gallery is still open but you need to make an appointment or call prior to coming to our gallery to ensure we can accommodate you at that time. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. Please be safe everyone!
Our store hours now reflect that we are NOT open on Saturdays only during the winter. We will be open on Saturdays again on the first weekend in June 2021.

At the Manluk Theatre, they have made some changes to the "Front Room" as you come in. Say goodbye to that terrible yellow colour and say hello to a more modern look. Featured (in the photo below) is a new artist feature wall. This month (February 2020), it is Dalcon Visual Arts and the artists we carry. We carefully chose these 3 to promote 3 things in particular. Local, Albertan and Canadian.

We here at Dalcon Visual Arts are donating a large canvas (36"x48") toward the local CHiPS organization. The goal is to have all the kids that are involved there, paint something on this canvas, and when it is completed, the canvas will be raffled off in time for the Wetaskiwin Arts & Music Festival in June. All proceeds will go towards the CHiPS organization. Childrens Indoor Play Society. **UPDATE - Covid happened before they could do anything with this so we are trying to contact CHiPS to see if they have gotten anywhere with this since things have opened back up.

The Battle of the Badges is happening again this year, Feb 16, 5:00 - 8:00 pm, in support of the Special Olympics Wetaskiwin. In this rock em sock em hockey game, the Fire Fighters and the Local Police battle one another for supremacy and bragging rights! All the while helping our local Special Olympics organization. Stay tuned for photographs from the game and tailgate party! Click here for the Facebook information.

The Taste of Wetaskiwin on this past September 27, 2019, was a huge success. 500 tickets were sold (sell out), and the artists, food and beverage vendors all showed in awesome fashion. Wetaskiwin has a lot to offer, but you have to make the effort sometimes to find these things. This event took care of a lot of that for you. Can't wait until next year. Congratulations teo the Montgomery Glenns Restaurant for taking top honours as the most popular! If you want to be part of this next year, and yes it will be bigger and better, send us an email or message us on Facebook to see how you can get involved.

Once again this annual event, Free Our Finest, helped raise funds and raise awareness for the Wetaskiwin Special Olympics. Sept 13-15. Every year at the Walmart store, 4 members of protective services, ambulance and the fire department, get arrested and taken atop scaffolding and brave the elements and sleep in tents. They also entertain throughout the day and other events happen on-site as well. Please show your support by making a donation and every $25.00 donation gets the boys to do the YMCA dance. The first one of the day is free :)

The Truck and Tractor pulls at the Wetaskiwin Ag Grounds were the first ever for this newly dedicated track. Wayne Vanouck is a long-time puller and has done so much for this sport. Here's a link to some photos of the Saturday event.

Mark your calendars for September 27, 2019, to attend the Taste of Wetaskiwin happening once again this year. There will be several wine, beer and spirits vendors as well as some great food from different restaurants in and around the area. We have partnered with the City of Wetaskiwin, The Wetaskiwin & District Heritage Museum and Super Value Liquor to bring this event to you all. Not to be outdone by last year's event, we once again will have a few artists on stage completing paintings that will be sold during a live auction throughout the night. Each artist will have a couple hours to complete their art and will receive all the monies generated by the auction. As well, each artist will have other pieces of art on display and for sale showing their diversity as artists. Please visit for all the details and prices of admission and more.

We here at Dalcon Visual Arts send our deepest condolences to the friends and family of James Gilbert. RIP James, you will be missed by so many.

We have created a new page where you can find all the items we currently have that are listed at $100.00 or less. Click here to browse through all images and pricing.

June 22, 2019 - The Wetaskiwin Arts & Music Festival will be having their 3rd annual event. Please check the Facebook page for details coming soon!

We are proud to say that we have in our own way, been a supporter of this local hockey team, the Shooting Penguins. We may have been a little biased because our daughter was the coach and our grandson played on it :). If it's for the kids, we're all for it!


As a supporter of the Wetaskiwin Theatre Society, we are always proud to photograph any and all events happening at the theatre. Wether it be a play, musical or music event, we do our best to help promote as well.

We have items on sale. Check them out here

Passport photos and Firearms license photos are now available at a very reasonable price - $12.99 for a set of two photographs. If you are not happy with them or they are rejected for whatever reason, we will retake them for you at no charge.

This page is to help keep you informed of news, events, sales and more in store and within the Wetaskiwin arts community. Check back often as you never know what might be happening.

We have updated our Copyright page. Please take the time to read it carefully

Dry mounting is now available. If you would like to have a photograph, a puzzle or other items (flat surfaces) mounted onto a dry mount foam board, we can now do that for you. Below is a picture of a sample puzzle (not for sale) we did for our little buddy. Example: 16"x20" (mounting only) is only $19.20. That's only $0.06 per sq/in. Same day service can be made available.

The only background colours available are black and white at this time, however, if you get it framed, and/or a matte you can choose from a multitude of colours as all frames and mattes can be custom-built to your needs. Come down to our Gallery and see for yourself.


 (Marvel TM is a registered trademark) Item in photograph is not for sale


The Race for Kids event is in Wetaskiwin on June 4, 2016. Please get involved and help support the Boys and Girls Club.

The Special Olympics in Wetaskiwin and Alberta. (Contact Blain Fuller email)

Loverboy concert featuring Wetaskwin's own Dead End Drive as the opening act - June 18, 2016

Wetaskiwin Air Show - July 20, 2016


We are proud to have housed the items for a Silent Auction in May 2016 and helped raise funds ($1970.00) for the Canadian Red Cross helping those in need due to the fires in Alberta. Special thanks to Jody Napier for setting this all up.
(Photo credit Wetaskiwin Times)




Race for Kids 2016