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Glossy Photo/Matte Paper Prints   Velvet, Hot Press & Cold Press Paper Metallic Photo Paper Luster Poster Paper
4x6" - $1.80 4x6" - $1.804x6" - $2.00 (min 2 prints) 
5x7" - $2.63 5x7" - $5.605 x 7" - $4.0311 x 14" - $1.25 each
6x8" - $3.60 

6x8" - $7.68

6x9" - $6.2111 x 17" - $1.35 each
8x10" - $6.00 8x10" - $12.808x10" - $9.20 
10x12" - $9.00 10x12" - $19.2010x12" - $13.20 
11x14" - $11.55 11x14" - $24.6411x14" - $17.71 
16x20" - $24.00 16x20" - $51.2016x20" - $36.80 
18x24" - $32.40 18x24" - $69.1218x24" - $49.68 
20x30" - $45.00


20x30" - $96.0020x30" - $66.00 
Custom print sizes are also available Custom print sizes are also availableCustom print sizes are also availableThese two size options only
for this paper

Click here for Canvas pricing

The prices above are only examples of what is available. If you require other specific sizes, please let us know and we can supply you with an accurate price. Although we do not offer a one-hour photo service, just tell us what you need and we will give you a timeline. Usually within one working day. Bring in a photograph from "those guys" and compare them to ours. You will immediately see a quality difference for relatively the same price or better.

What we offer in quality is superior to the big box stores. When you come to us, we give you what you want. They won't do that, you get what you get. We work with you to size and crop to your specifications. Want someone/something added or removed, we can (in most cases) do that as well.

Poster Paper - We print on 11x14 and 11x17 quality poster paper. Ours is a thicker paper than the other guys. Come in and see for yourself.

Metallic Photo Paper Glossy Designed with an incredible Dmax and rich colour gamut, this smooth, high-gloss, photographic paper features a unique metallic surface that provides extreme sharpness and depth.

Legacy Fibre is a 100% cotton fibre paper with a white coating on a smooth, matte finish. This paper combines an extremely smooth surface with a matte finish making it an ideal photographic/fine art dual-purpose paper. It has an industry-leading microporous inkjet receptive layer that produces deep, rich blacks Dmax , expanded colour gamut and gentle tonal gradations and will provide outstanding image permanence and durability.

Preserve your memories on canvas. Everything from family portraits, your pets, sunsets and motorcycles..... it can be done up to 41" high x 40'(feet long on paper). We can even have a printed photograph of your artwork put on canvas. All we need is the digital image. Just bring us your photograph and we will make it happen. You don't need to book an appointment, simply call us (780-352-6092), email us or even better, stop by the gallery and let's talk! Custom sizes are our specialty!

Not only do we print canvas, but your photos mean a lot to you and can be put on photo paper as well. We use all high-quality Epson products and expect the best, just as you do. There are many photographs available on our website as well, so take your time and peruse the site at your convenience. Custom sizes are often requested and that is not a problem. for example, If you wanted a photo done 8"x15", that can be done. Being that this is an odd size and you need a frame, we can have custom frames made as well. Need a matte for that as well? Guess what.... we do that too!

Dry Mounting - $0.07 per square inch, not including the cost of printing your photo.

Plaque Mount You can have your photographs mounted on a wood surface with or without a matte border. There are several colours to choose from for the edge of your wood. Pricing varies due to the size you want. These are often great for office use, but it works at home too! E.g. up to 5x10" = $50.89.

Shop Supplies - $15.00 shop labour/supplies for mounting hardware.

Canvas Mounting - $15.00 labour for wrapping our printed canvas onto the stretcher bars. If you bring in your own canvas, it will be the price of the stretcher bar + labour.

Varnish Finish - added at no extra cost to help protect your canvas print.

Digital Editing - $25.00/hr (minimum 1/2 hour). If you require some enhancements to your photographs, whether it be a simple addition of brightness, contrast or more colour enhancement and cropping we can do that for you. We can also turn those old images with all the scratch marks, fading, etc,, that you have scanned, into more vibrant photographs.

Products and Services include: Wide format prints (height up to 41”) on Canvas and 44" on photo paper. Wood art, metal/copper art, ceramics, stained glass, posters, custom framing, matting, UV protectant glass, non-reflective glass, event photography, dry mounting, digital photography repairs and enhancements.

Portraits - Although we do not perform this service, we can recommend local professionals to you.

Location Shoots - Motorcycles, car shows, pets etc. can be taken at a location of your choice within a 30km radius of Wetaskiwin ($30.00 location shoot fee). Outside this radius (up to 100 km) will have a $75.00 fee payable at the time of the photo session (does not include the cost of prints). Please contact us for pricing details.

Stretcher Bar - This is a wood frame on which your canvas print is attached and wrapped. There are different sizes and reveals available. Each size is a different price, so you must contact us for details and pricing. Custom sizes can be ordered if you want to mount your own canvas. This can take a few short days to make but sometimes it can be the next day depending on availability. Again please contact us for details.

Shadow Boxes and Mounting - Contact us for details on pricing

** Please note, we are not your typical print shop. If you require flyers, handouts, notices, etc., we can refer you to a couple of local businesses that are set up to do just that.

*Dmax = -log10(minimum print reflectivity) is a measure of the deepest black tone a printer/ink/paper combination can reproduce. It is an extremely important print quality factor. Prints with poor Dmax look pale and weak.

** New item/service