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alt All our prints are printed using Epson quality products. This includes the printer, canvas, paper and ink. We expect the best and so do you.


We do not take photographs to make prints of your paintings. We can however point you in the right direction to have this done. If you have a painting that is 8.5 x 11" or smaller, we can scan/print it for you. If you have a larger painting, we probably can accommodate you, but please call or come see us in person to discuss cost. **We do not guarantee "exact" colour duplication with our scanning service **.

We can mount your unwrapped canvas art and needle point projects as well. Bring your work with you and let's talk. It's always better to be here and see the frames in person.

Canvas Prints: We can gallery wrap and frame your print or simply print it for you if you want to wrap it yourself. Unless you really know what you are doing, we suggest you let us mount the canvas for you or have someone that you trust do this. Click here for pricing.

Canvas Mounting: Using our top of the line stretcher bars, we are able to custom size stretcher bars and mount them for you. Several customers have brought paintings and other similar art to have us mount the art for them.

Passports and more - We have the lowest pricing in town and can take your passport, firearms, Visa, Permanent Resident photographs. Click here for pricing.

Prints on Glass: Yes, you read that correctly, we can now put your image(s) on glass. Contact us for details.

Wide Format: We print up to 44" high on photo paper and 41" on canvas.

Metal Prints: NOT AVAILABLE at this time.

Stretcher Bars: These are required for your canvas prints and can be ordered separately if this is all you need and come in custom sizes. Most frames are cut/built in-store.

Mounting Hardware: In order to display your art on your wall, you will need either mounting hooks, mounting tabs or wire. We have all this available at a very minimal cost and can install them for you as well.

Varnish: This is applied to all canvas prints to help protect them. If you don't want it applied, please let us know before we print the canvas. This is done at no extra charge.

Frames: Frames can be used not only for photographs but also for your canvas prints, posters, dry mounts and much more. We have over 300 styles and sizes to choose from.

Matting: If you want to create a colourful border around your photograph inside the frame, this is the way to do it. These are custom cut to your specifications and there is a multitude of colours to choose from as well as several different textures. It is in your best interest to come to the gallery and look at the mattes in person as seeing it first hand is always the best choice as there are so many choices and combinations. All cuts are done on our computerized matte cutter in-store.

Glass: There are different types of glass you might want or need depending on where your art is being displayed. If it is in direct sunlight for any length of time then it is suggested that you use a UV-protective glass. If you don't want to see a reflection in your glass, then there is non-reflective glass available for just that purpose. Then of course there is just your regular glass. See pricing here. All cuts are done in-store.

Photographs: Although we mostly print wide format prints (up to 44" inches), we can also print your smaller photos as well. We use all Epson products for high-quality prints. Metal, canvas, glossy, premium lustre, matte, hot press, cold press paper.

Posters: If you have a digital poster already created and just want it printed, we are more than capable of doing this for you. If you need a poster created then contact us and we will set up a meeting and get you what you want.

Dry Mount: What is a dry mount? Dry Mounting is the process of affixing artwork to foam board or some other flat, firm substrate by applying a uniform coat of adhesive between the art and the substrate, and then applying firm, uniform pressure to create adhesion. The Benefit of Dry Mounting is that it provides a uniform coat of adhesive to cover the back of the artwork for a flat, firm mount with no danger of the artwork buckling or slumping in the frame package. Dry Mounting Tissues carry the adhesive.  When a dry mounting tissue is placed between the art and the substrate and heat is applied, the adhesive melts creating a bond.  Instructions that come with the tissues will tell you how much heat and time is necessary for the application.

Digital Image Repair/Enhancements: If your image isn't quite the way you like it, let's talk. In most cases, this can be a quick adjustment, but there are other circumstances that may require some time to fix. This all depends on the quality of your image as well. As the old saying goes, "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig". If the image is truly that bad, we will tell you straight up whether we can do anything with it or not.

Art Repairs: Frames, matte replacements, glass and even rips in your painting. Please come see us with your repairs.

Digital Scanning: Negatives and slides can be scanned. Photographs and documents can be done, but please call 780-352-6092 or email us for pricing details. Please refer to our pricing page for this service.

Document Scanning - Although you might be better off going to one of the other guys, we can do this, but at a limited capacity. Talk to us in person for a price.

Artwork Commission: Upon agreement between the Gallery and you, as the artist, we will display your art in the most favourable way possible. Arts include watercolours, acrylic, ink, pencil, ceramics, wood, metal and more. You provide the pricing as we will not tell you what your art is worth. We fully expect that you have done your homework on this and know what you want. Please contact the Gallery for exact details.

Appraisals: We do NOT appraise art. Please do an internet search for a certified appraiser in or near your community.

Newborn and wedding photography, Portrait Photography: WE do not provide these services, but we can refer you to some great local photographers.