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Scanning Services

If you are looking to have your memories preserved on a CD, DVD or USB, then we can do this for you. Bring in your negatives, slides or photographs (up to 8.5"x11") and depending on how many you have, we can usually have these done for you in one business day. For large amounts, we will give you a quote on both prices and timelines.


1 - 50 per scan price of $0.50 per image - 300 dpi ($0.60 - 600dpi)

51 - 100 scans - $0.40 each - 300dpi ($0.50 - 600dpi)

101 and above scans - $0.30 each - 300dpi ($0.40 - 600dpi)

All scans will be put on a CD(s) or DVD(s) and are included in the price if requested. Bring in your own USB as an option as well.

Alternatively, you can have them put on a 4 GB USB for $15.00 extra, 16 GB USB for $30.00 extra, or you can save by supplying your own USB. If additional CDs or DVDs are requested, they are $8.99 each. Blue Ray is not available at this time. Do you use DropBox or similar file transfers? They can be shared there as well for a $5.00 fee.

Photo Scanning - Up to 8.5 x 12" - $2.00/per photo (unedited) - minimum 10 photos. Larger items will be quoted on an individual basis. Scans can be put on a CD, DVD, or USB Memory stick. Bring your own to save the extra fees, or have them emailed or sent to your DropBox folders.

Art Scans - Scanning of art (paintings) is available up to 24" x 36". $50.00 per completed image.
We can not guarantee that the exact colours can be duplicated. We do our very best to get them as close as possible and will send you a proof first before any printing that may be done with the image file.

* Please note: we do not edit your slides, photographs or artwork after they have been scanned. This is a scanning service only. Additional costs of $35/hr (minimum one hour) will be applied if editing is requested.

Document Scanning - Typical sized documents (i.e. 8.5 x 11", 8.5 x 14") $0.10 per page. Scanned to .pdf format only (not printed) and can be put on your USB or emailed directly to you.

Scanning of your artwork is possible, provided you have the right to have this done. Just because you own the art piece, does not necessarily mean you have the right to make copies. If you know the artist, talk to them as they may have digital copies available. Please see the Copyright Laws in your area.


Dalcon reserves the right to refuse to scan anything we deem uncertain of ownership. We DO NOT print anything "taken or downloaded" off the internet unless you can prove you own it.

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