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Dale Aitchison

Hello everyone and welcome to my page.

It is well known that I can't paint a stick man. let alone a masterpiece on canvas. Although, to be fair to myself, I have never really tried.

However I have been working on digital art for a while now and use AI creators, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to create the images you are about to see. I have been working hard on these originals for a while now, and I am finally comfortable with the results I have been getting, so I want to share these with the world. These are high quality detailed images.

I currently have the two images to the right on canvas on display in our gallery.

I will upload images here as I finish the art

I am able to print these on paper and canvas for you and offer several sizes to choose from.

10" x 10" - $55.00
12" x 12" - $65.00
14" x 14" - $80.00
16" x 16" - $95.00
18" x 18" - $110.00
20" x 20" - $125.00

If you want a larger size, please message me for pricing.