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Contributing Photographers

Each photographer has their own style and after viewing the photographs of each person, you will understand what we mean. Below are 5 photographers that are contributors to our gallery. Please click on their names to go to the photos and/or web pages/Face Book pages, or other links that are available.

Even though you come into our gallery and see a photograph you like, you think to yourself, "I really like that, but I would like it in a different size". That is entirely possible for us to do that for you, and we have! Simply tell us your preference in size and most likely we can arrange this for you.

But, you must remember that in order to resize a photograph, sometimes due to cropping, there may be a partial loss of picture on some of the edges. We do our very best to ensure you get what you want and will work with you to do this. Simply stretching a picture to make it a certain size usually doesn't work without some distortion. Here is an example; take a balloon and draw something on it. Now, grab 2 ends and pull them to make it bigger and you will see what happens.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We watermark all photographs that are on these pages to protect the artists work. Please respect our artists and do not download any material without express written consent from the artists themselves. We will not authorize this, the artists must do so themselves.


Britt Bruneau

Davin Martinson

Dale Aitchison

Heather An

Tara Sundberg